The Devine Works of Art & Design

Everyone says that the Art and Design can make or break a game. Jamey Stegmaier wrote a wonderful article here. That’s exactly why I have been working on the artwork since I figured out the theme to my game.

I know everyone says that you should wait to work on the artwork until after your Kickstarter campaign is finished.  Well, that may work for game designers that are not also illustrators, which is what I am.

The thing that got me the most excited about working on my game was the prospect of creating the different illustrations and artwork for it.  Before you all throw the book at me, remember, I worked very hard on the game mechanics to make it a sound game before I started any artwork on it.

Granted, I know it’s far from perfect or ready. I have a very long way to go; I have no notions of grandeur at this early stage.

Fail quicker, right? That’s been my mantra since I’ve started this journey.

I bet you would love so see some of my early artwork for it, wouldn’t you? I suppose I can give you a glimpse, but just a small one.

Below you will see an example of one of the Action cards and 2 Character card designs. Please tell me your thoughts and opinions on my artwork. They’re not perfect, only sketches.



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